Household changes

Last updated: 13 September 2017

If your household or circumstances change, you need to tell your local office immediately. Make sure you keep us updated.

We need to keep this information up to date so that you pay the right rent and we know the correct size of home for your household.

What is a household change?

A household is made up of the people approved to live in your public housing property. Your household members are the tenants, including yourself, the residents and dependants. Read more about household members.

A household changes when:

  • Someone moves in or out
  • A child turns 18
  • A new baby is born.

What is household income?

It is the amount earned by everyone in your household 18 years of age and over.

Household income may go up or down when a member of your household:

  • Gets a new job
  • Stops work
  • Gets more or less money from Centrelink.

What happens if I don't tell you about changes?

If you do not tell us and we find out later, you could be charged backdated rent and end up with a debt to us.

Remember, your rent won't go up during a fixed rent period – it is fixed even if your income goes up or someone moves in. However, we still need to know about the change straight away.

How do I tell you about any changes?

Contact your local housing office or use Centrelink's Confirmation eServices.

See Keep us updated for more information about using Centrelink's Confirmation eServices.

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