Maintenance and repairs

Last updated: 13 September 2017

If you need any maintenance or repairs, contact the Housing Call Centre on 13 11 72. The Housing Call Centre arranges most responsive maintenance for public housing properties.

What is responsive maintenance?

Responsive maintenance covers repairs that are needed because of normal wear and tear or damage caused by your household or visitors.

The time it takes to do the repairs depends on how urgent or complex the maintenance issue is.

Your maintenance responsibilities

As a tenant, you must look after your home and do small routine repairs, like

  • Replacing light globes
  • Testing smoke alarms
  • Pest control
  • Looking after your garden
  • General cleaning.

If there is a reason why you cannot do these things (for health reasons or due to a disability), contact your local office.

We are not able to arrange repairs for your personal items like your television, fridge or washing machine.

We will pay repair costs caused by accident or from normal wear and tear.

You must pay repair costs for damage caused by neglect or intentional damage by your household members and visitors. If you do not, we may take action to make a claim on these repairs.

Arranging maintenance and repairs

Go to Request maintenance and repairs to:

  • Report or book maintenance and repairs
  • Find out about who does the work and your responsibilities towards them
  • Find out who pays for the work.

Go to Repair times to see:

  • Waiting times for different types of work
  • A list of urgent repairs.

Go to Maintenance complaints:

  • If you are unhappy with how your maintenance request has been handled by the Housing Call Centre or a contractor
  • To find out how to make a complaint or give feedback.

Making your own improvements

If you want make improvements that you will pay for, like installing a satellite dish or air conditioning, you need to get our written permission.

Go to Making alterations to your home to find out more.


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