Supported accommodation

Last updated: 6 June 2018

What is supported accommodation?

Supported accommodation is a type of housing that provides higher level care and support for people with particular needs.

It includes:

  • Supported accommodation that is in the community, for people with a disability
  • Aged care homes for older people who can no longer live independently at home.

Supported accommodation for people with a disability

This type of accommodation provides both housing and support services for people with a disability.

This may be in a group home or other living arrangement where staff are available to support the needs of the people living there.

Supported accommodation is managed by us and by community service organisations.

The supported accommodation service helps you learn new things, make choices about your life and get active in the community. It will help you:

  • Look after the house, like cleaning and shopping
  • Care for yourself, like eating, getting dressed and preparing food
  • With personal hygiene, like bathing and going to the toilet
  • Be part of the local community.

Staff can also help with other things, like going to the doctor or to social activities.

Am I eligible for supported accommodation?

You may get help if you:

  • Have a disability under the Disability Act 2006 (.doc)
  • Need a lot of support from other people to do everyday things like getting dressed, having a shower, eating, taking medication, getting around and making daily decisions.
  • Have to change the way you live because it does not meet your needs any more. For example, your parents are getting older and find it hard to support you at home.

To find out what housing options you might have, use our housing options finder.

How do I apply?

Contact the Disability Intake and Response Service on 1800 783 783 (free call) to find out.

You can also find information on the intake and response service on our DHHS Services website.

How much will I pay?

People who live in supported accommodation pay a residential charge. This charge may be for rent or, both rent and services like food, utilities, furniture and whitegoods.

The charge may be a flat rate or a percentage of Commonwealth Disability Support Pension and Rent Assistance payments.

See our Service Providers website for more on the residential charge for supported accommodation that we manage.

Supported Residential Services

Supported Residential Services (SRS) provide accommodation and support for people who need help in everyday life, like people who are frail or have a disability.

These services do not receive government funding. They are operated privately.

SRS providers must be registered with the state government and are monitored to ensure they provide certain standards of personal support and accommodation.

Services provided, people accommodated and fees charged vary based on the SRS provider.

See our Health website for more information about supported residential services.

Aged care homes

Residential care services provide accommodation and support for people that need care and can no longer live at home.
The properties are owned and operated by individuals and organisations. They have Australian Government approval to provide residential care.

For more information:

Other options for living independently

These options may also help people with particular needs to live independently:

  • Home renovation loans: Home renovation loans for home owners and loans for private renters finding it hard to stay comfortably and safely in their homes.
    Home renovation loans can help people pay for work needed to be done to their home for health and safety reasons.
  • Movable units: These units are fully self-contained and set up in the backyard of suitable properties.
    They let older people and people with support needs live independently while being close to friends or family.
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