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Last updated: 22 January 2018

If your household or circumstances change, tell us by contacting your local office or by using Centrelink's Confirmation eServices.

We need to keep your household information up to date so that you pay the right rent and we know the correct size of home for your household.

About Centrelink Confirmation eServices

If you get Centrelink payments, you can give us permission to ask Centrelink to send us your household and income details using Centrelink Confirmation eServices. We can then use this information to work out your weekly rent.

The service can send us information whenever we need it about:

  • Amounts being deducted from your Centrelink payments
  • The number of children included your family payments assessment, and the percentage of care for each child
  • Any other income and assets you have told Centrelink about
  • Your current residential address
  • If you have a partner.

Using Centrelink Confirmation eServices

Everyone in your household who gets Centrelink payments and uses Centrelink Confirmation eServices can give us permission to get income and assets information directly from Centrelink.

We will use this information to work out your rent. You only need to contact us when things change.

Any member in your household who uses the service does not have to provide documentation for rent assessment. However we will still need them to sign the application for rental rebate.

You don't have to use this service.

We will contact you twice a year to check the income information of household members that don't want to or can't use Centrelink Confirmation eServices.

What if I don't use Centrelink Confirmation eServices?

If you are 18 years and over and don't use this service, we will contact you to ask you for documents so we can do a rent assessment for you.

You will need to fill in an application for rental rebate and send it to your housing services officer with the following documents:

  • A Centrelink Income statement (no more than two weeks old)
  • 13-week gross wage statements from your employer (if you have one)
  • A statements of assets, including eight weeks of your most recent bank statements
  • Details of any other assets or investments you have.

These documents must be current.

Registering for Centrelink Confirmation eServices

You may already be registered for Centrelink Confirmation eServices. If you're not sure, your housing services officer can check for you.

To register, fill in the Authority for Centrelink to release customer information to the Director of Housing form (.docx).

To stop using the service, fill in the Centrelink withdrawal of consent form (.docx).

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