Before you move in

Last updated: 16 November 2015

Some things you may need to do before you move in:

  • Arrange your gas, electricity and water connections
  • Arrange telephone and internet connections if you need them
  • Arrange a removalist or get friends to help you move
  • Redirect your mail. Tell everyone you need to of your new address.

The Australian Government's change my address section gives you quick access to update your address for things like registration for cars, driver's licence, Medicare, Centrelink and the Tax Office. There is also a checklist to remind you of services and others that you may need to tell.

Some things you may need to do if you are moving out of another place:

  • Make sure it is clean
  • Disconnect any gas, electricity, water and phone connection. This way you won't have to pay for anything you don't use after you move out.
  • If you pay rent and other bills with direct debit, contact your bank (or Centrelink) to stop these.
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