Last updated: 19 November 2015

As a public housing tenant, you are responsible for how much gas, electricity and water your household uses.

You are also responsible for paying the bill for these utilities.

Gas and electricity

Find the best energy plan

Use the Victorian Government's Victorian Energy Compare tool to find the best deals on power bills for your household.

Answer a few questions about your household and your energy bills and the Energy Compare tool shows you relevant energy plans in your area.

The regularly updated tool lets you compare the latest electricity, gas and solar offers from energy retailers.

Energy concessions

If you have a relevant concession card, you may be eligible for an energy concession.

Visit our human services website for a list of energy concessions you can apply for.


All public housing tenants must contribute to the cost of the water they use – whether or not they have a separate water meter.

Read more about paying for water.

Read tips on how to save water in public housing.

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