Approved for social housing: what's next?

Last updated: 18 July 2018

Once you have been approved for social housing, you will be put on the Victorian Housing Register.

Priority for housing is given to people who need help because of homelessness or other critical circumstances.

Victorian Housing Register categories

There are two categories for social housing applications:

  • Priority Access for people:
    • Who are homeless and receiving support
    • Who are escaping family violence
    • With a disability or who have significant support needs or
    • With special housing needs.
  • Register of Interest – this is for all eligible applicants to register their interest in social housing.

Check for private rental properties that suit you

While you are on the Victorian Housing Register you should regularly check for private rental properties that may be suitable for you.

You may be eligible for a bond loan and Commonwealth Rent Assistance to help you with the costs of renting privately.

On this website, you can find:

Check limited demand properties available now

There are some public housing properties available now. These are known as limited demand properties. These properties are usually in more remote or rural areas.

Check the list of limited demand properties available (.docx) to see if there's a place that's right for you.

Keep your details up to date

It is very important you tell us if your circumstances change, if you have found other accommodation or if you change your current address.

If we can't contact you, your name may be taken off the Victorian Housing Register or you may miss out on an offer of housing.

If you need to change your:

  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Household members
  • Waiting list area preferences

Fill in the change of application details form (.pdf). There is also an accessible version of the change of application details form (.doc).

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