Last updated: 25 May 2017
Wednesday 09 August 2017

Monday 05 June 2017
Victorian Government's new strategy, Homes for Victorians, to address many of the housing issues facing Victorians.
Wednesday 03 May 2017
The Victorian Government, in partnership with homelessness organisations and local authorities, has established the Towards Home package to support rough sleepers – including those at Flinders Street – into secure housing.
Thursday 23 March 2017
Survive the heat this summer by following these five simple steps.
Wednesday 08 March 2017
South Melbourne's Marlene McKay and Shepparton's Let's Get Together Group have been honoured for their leadership, advocacy and community building achievements at the 2016 Frances Penington and Molly Hadfield Awards.
Thursday 02 March 2017
The Victorian Government is investing $185 million to redevelop public housing properties at sites across metropolitan Melbourne.
Sunday 04 December 2016
Nominations are open until 31 October 2016 for the 2016 Frances Penington and Molly Hadfield Awards.
Sunday 04 December 2016
Entries for the 2016-17 Victoria in Bloom garden competition are open until 31 October 2016.


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