Appeal a supported application decision

Last updated: 13 September 2017

A supported application for public housing is decided by two parties – your support service and your local office.

What can I appeal?

If you disagree with a decision made by your support service, you can appeal to have the decision reviewed.

You can also appeal if we did not approve the application your support service submitted. Find out how to appeal a decision we have made.

How do I appeal a support service decision?

You need to appeal in writing. Appeals are free and confidential.

  1. Fill in an AF2 Appeals Application form
    • Explain which decision you are appealing against and why
    • You need to include copies of any documents that support your case
  2. Send the form to the Housing Appeals Office (the address is on the form).

If you have questions or need help filling in your application form, contact a housing advocacy service. For information on the closest service in your area, contact your local office.

Where can I get an AF2 Appeals Application Form?

Get the form from:

  • Your support servivce provider
  • Your local office
  • Housing Appeals Office
    Level 1, 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
    Ph: (03) 9096 7426 or 1800 807 702 (free call).

What happens to my appeal?

The appeals process has two stages – we call them tiers. If your appeal is not resolved in the first tier, it automatically goes to the second.

Tier 1: Review by the support service manager

The support service manager will decide if your application was assessed in line with our policy. If it was not, they will decide whether the decision was wrong and should be changed.

The review is usually finished within 10 working days from when we receive your appeal.

Your support service will write to you about the outcome.

Tier 2: Review by the Housing Appeals Office

If your appeal is not successful and your support service does not change their original decision, your appeal automatically goes to the Housing Appeals Office for an independent review.

This review looks at whether the support service applied the policy and procedures correctly and identifies any issues that need investigation. You will have the opportunity to discuss your appeal with staff at the Housing Appeals Office or by telephone.

After investigating your appeal, the Housing Appeals Office may ask the support service manager to review their original decision.

If the support service changes their original decision, your appeal has been successful. You will be notified of the outcome and your application will be placed in the appropriate category of the public housing waiting list.

If the Housing Appeals Office finds the original decision made by your support provider was correct, your appeal has been unsuccessful. You will be sent an explanation of the outcome.

How do I appeal a local Department of Health & Human Services office decision?

The 'Appeal a social housing decision' page explains how to appeal a decision we have made.

What if I am still not happy with the decision?

If you are not happy with the outcome of your appeal, there are other avenues available to you through:

For more detailed information, refer to the Housing Appeals policy in the Business Practice manual.

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