Using water in public housing

Last updated: 12 February 2015

Whether it is wet or dry in Victoria, we must all continue to use water wisely. Half the water that you use in your home is in the bathroom and laundry. You can make a difference everyday, by choosing simple ways to be water-wise.

In the meantime, we are working to help you save water. We have installed water-saving fittings, such as WELS 3-star rated shower heads and dual flush toilets in public housing properties across Victoria.

Some of our lawns and community gardens are watered with rain water recycled from laundries. In some places, rain water is collected to wash cars. There are also water tanks in more public housing community gardens.

Saving water at home – be water-wise

Here are some ways you can use water wisely at home and in the garden:

  • Have a shower in four minutes or less
  • Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, shaving, cleaning dishes or preparing food
  • Turn off the taps tightly but gently so they do not drip. If they drip, call the housing call centre on 131 172
  • Rinse vegetables in the sink or in a bowl and reuse the water.
  • Collect the cold water while waiting for the hot water from your tap in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Have a full load of washing before starting the washing machine.
  • Grow water-wise plants
  • Mulch the garden
  • Water your garden during permitted watering times
  • Use a hose with a trigger nozzle
  • Do not use water to clean hard surfaces, such as driveways.

More information

For more information, contact your local office.

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