Public Housing Renewal Program

Last updated: 3 November 2017

The Public Housing Renewal Program will redevelop older public housing homes and create more social housing properties across metropolitan and regional sites.

The $185 million program will create vibrant neighbourhoods with housing that is safe, secure and modern.

Read the November 2017 Public housing renewal program update for residents (.docx).

The estates being renewed

Stage one will redevelop 1,100 ageing public housing properties in these nine estates:

Stage two will upgrade public housing properties in regional Victoria.

The new homes

The estates will have:

  • A mix of social and private housing
  • At least 10 per cent more social housing properties
  • A range of housing sizes

The new homes will be:

  • Built to modern standards
  • Accessible for all
  • Better suited to the ongoing needs of Victorians.

Will I have to move?

Some people living on the estates will be asked to move while the work happens. This shouldn’t start until late 2017.

You can choose to:

  • Return to the estate
  • Move permanently.

We will pay for your moving and utility connection costs.

Timeline of the program

The project takes place in stages over a number of years:

  • 2017: Consultation
  • Late 2017 to early 2018: Residents move to temporary or permanent new homes
  • 2018: Build new social housing
  • Late 2018: Residents move into new homes
  • Late 2018: Build new private housing

Get involved and share ideas

We’re talking to residents, neighbours, communities and stakeholders about the best way to renew these estates and make them great places to live.

Your ideas will help us create vibrant, safe and thriving communities.

You can share your ideas:

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Public housing renewal update for residents - November 2017

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