North Melbourne renewal

Last updated: 8 November 2017

Older, rundown housing on the North Melbourne site will be replaced with new, modern, low maintenance homes.

About the project

The site on Abbotsford Street has older, rundown buildings that cost a lot to maintain.

The project will build new, modern buildings and increase the number of social housing properties on the site by at least 10 per cent. The site will include private housing, which will help fund the project.

The renewed site will have:

  • More social housing
  • A mix of social and private housing
  • New accessible homes that suit older residents, people with disabilities, and families
  • A range of housing sizes
  • Better landscaping, outdoor facilities and community spaces.

The new homes

The new homes will be:

  • Built to modern standards
  • Accessible for all
  • Sustainable homes that are cheaper to cool, heat and maintain
  • Better suited to the ongoing needs of Victorians.

For more information on the project, read the November 2017 Public housing renewal program update for residents (.docx).

Will I have to move?

Some people living on the site will be asked to move while the work happens.

You can choose to:

  • Return to the site
  • Move permanently.

We will pay your moving and utility connection costs.

For more information, read the Questions and answers about relocations (.docx).

North Melbourne site planning proposal consultation

The planning proposal has been referred to the Social Housing Renewal Standing Advisory Committee. This committee gives independent advice on planning proposals to the Minister for Planning.

More information on the planning proposal is on Planning Victoria's Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne page.

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