Last updated: 25 May 2017
Thursday 21 January 2016
You have until Friday 30 October 2015 to get your nominations in for the 2015 Frances Penington and Molly Hadfield awards.
Tuesday 13 October 2015
A week-long celebration of Victorian public and community housing communities has begun.
Sunday 22 November 2015
The Victorian Government has opened a public consultation to shape a new 10-year mental health strategy. We want your ideas on how to create a better mental health system for all Victorians.
Thursday 12 November 2015
Victoria in Bloom is a gardening competition for anyone living in public or community housing in Victoria. Entries for the 2015-16 competition close on Friday 30 October 2015.
Sunday 04 October 2015
Are you a Victorian who is over 60 or has a disability and wondering how you can make your home safer and more comfortable? You may be able to get a free home safety inspection through the Victorian Government's Home Renovation Service.
Wednesday 23 September 2015
Have your say on the review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. The Act is the main source of protection for Victorian renters.
Monday 16 November 2015
The Victorian Government wants your feedback on the Better Apartments discussion paper. By sharing your experiences and views, you can help the government shape the conditions for apartment construction in the future and ensure better housing conditions for all Victorians.
Thursday 23 July 2015
The talents of public and community housing tenants were celebrated on Tuesday 21 April in a special awards ceremony for Victoria’s most impressive social housing gardens - and gardeners.


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