EnergySmart Public Housing Project

Last updated: 28 August 2017

The Department of Health and Human Services and the Sustainability Fund will deliver energy efficiency upgrades to 1500 public housing properties across the state.

An older women, wearing a brightly striped shawl, adjusts a thermostat on a wall
Getting energy smart

The EnergySmart Public Housing Project will run until 2019.

Upgrades will reduce energy costs and improve thermal comfort and environmental outcomes for those participating in the initiative.

Upgrades that may be undertaken in the properties include:

  • A replacement energy efficient hot water system
  • A replacement energy efficient heating system
  • Building thermal shell upgrades, such as draught sealing and insulation.

We will assess and select dwellings based on housing characteristics and need. One upgrade type per dwelling will be provided.

The EnergySmart Public Housing Program is in addition to the Victorian Government’s $185 million program to redevelop over 11,000 public housing homes to ensure they are better suited to Victorians' needs.

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