Ascot Vale renewal

Last updated: 27 October 2017

Older, rundown housing on the Ascot Vale estate will be replaced with new, modern, low maintenance homes.

About the project

The estate on Epsom Road at Ascot Vale has older, rundown buildings that cost a lot to maintain.

The project will build new, modern buildings and increase the number of social housing properties on the estate by at least 10 per cent. The estate will include private housing, which will help fund the project.

The renewed estate will have:

  • More social housing
  • A mix of social and private housing
  • New accessible homes that suit older residents, people with disabilities, and families
  • A range of housing sizes
  • Better landscaping, outdoor facilities and community spaces.

The new homes

The new homes will be:

  • Built to modern standards
  • Accessible for all
  • Sustainable homes that are cheaper to cool, heat and maintain
  • Better suited to the ongoing needs of Victorians.

For more information on the project, read the Questions and answers about the renewal project (.docx).

If you're part of the Ascot Vale community, read the Questions and answers for the community about the Ascot Vale renewal (.docx).

Will I have to move?

Residents living on the estates will be asked to move while the work happens. This shouldn’t start until late 2017.

You can choose to:

  • Return to the estate
  • Move permanently.

We will pay your moving and utility connection costs.

For more information, read the Questions and answers about Ascot Vale relocations (.docx).

Redevelopment timeline

The estate will be redeveloped in stages.

Stage 1: Dunlop Avenue

We are proposing for the walk-up buildings at 24 to 42 Dunlop Avenue be demolished and rebuilt as part of stage 1.

Our relocations team will meet with the people who live in these buildings from early November 2017. The team will explain the relocation process and find out what residents' housing needs are.

The team will meet with other residents of the estate in early 2018.

Next stages

Other buildings in the estate will be rebuilt in the next stages of the project.

The next stage of redevelopment will likely be in 2019.

Get involved and find out more

We’re talking to residents, neighbours, communities and stakeholders about the best way to renew these estates and make them great places to live.

Your ideas will help us create vibrant, safe and thriving communities.

You can share your ideas:

Public consultations

There are three phases of public consultations:

  • February 2017: Phase one
  • May 2017: Phase two
  • August 2017 (to be confirmed): Phase three.

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